Suceava Romania

               "Ciprian Porumbescu" Arts College is a Vocational High school, whose role is to form and develop  artistic skills,  create and perfect future professionals in the following fields: music, plastic and decorative arts, architecture and restoration-conservation cultural goods. Many of the school’s students had concerts in famous concert halls, collaborations with various orchestras, or had their artistic works presented in exhibition halls or art museums throughout Europe. Our school offers education and instruction to all who need it, regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status, without any discrimination.

               Our College is organized in three levels of education: primary, gymnasium and high school. The students study in 53 classrooms in 2 renovated buildings (a building from 1784), fitted with specific furniture, illuminated correctly; 7 workshops 5 cabinets: a Phonetic Cabinet, a "Human and Society" Cabinet, a Music History cabinet,  an Art History cabinet as well as a Geography cabinet. The school also has 5 laboratories: one for the Physics classes, one for the Chemistry classes, one for Biology and two computer labs with 100 computers. Moreover the Arts College also has a library with a reading room and over 40000 volumes.

                This school was created in 1784 as a normal school and later, in 1860 it was transformed into a gymnasium, hosting students who had later became famous names in the Romanian culture. Year after year the students of the only arts college in the county impressed the artistic community with their performance as artists or with their artistic works so in 1990 the school became an Arts high school and in 2002 the school proudly received the name of Ciprian Porumbescu, a renowned Romanian composer whose work spreads over various forms of music genres, from choral music to operetta. At the beginning in 1990 the students were divided into classes which studied music and arts but later in 2000 another class where students began to study architecture was set up. In 2001 a new philology class appeared and in 2009 the students were also offered the opportunity to study restoration and conservation of cultural goods.

               The school has a strong partnerships with the local and national key institutions – Suceava City Hall, the Stephan the Great University from Suceava, the History Museum, the I.Gh. Sbierea County Library, Botosani Philarmonic, Ciprian Porumbescu Ensemble, the County School Inspectorate, the Romanian National Television and other Arts colleges throughout the country as well as with various organizations such as “Save the Children”, the Anti-drug National Agency, ANA charity organization and many partnerships.


ROMANIA Colegiul de Artă Ciprian Porumbescu Suceava
ROMANIA Colegiul de Artă Ciprian Porumbescu Suceava
ROMANIA Colegiul de Artă Ciprian Porumbescu Suceava
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