Description: Pupils examined the development of the number of female Members in the Parlament and in the Goverment.
1. Finland had the first female Parlament Members (19 of 200) in  1907. Nowadays almost  one half of the Parlament Members are female. 
2. The first female minister was Miina Sillanpää in 1926. 
3. Now we have 11 female of 19 Ministers  of which four are less than forty years old.
4.We also have had one female President: Tarja Halonen. 

The pupils made posters of Miina Sillanpää, Tarja Halonen and the 11 ministers and a short video of these together. We noticed that nowadays women in Finlands politic are as powerful as the men and the possibilities to be the chairman in the political party are good also for young women. For today 6 of politcs partys leaders are women.


INF Politicians
INF PoliticiansINF Politicians
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