The students identified an inspiring woman from their circle (family, friends, …) and the qualities or values that determined their choices. Then they had to list different elements of this woman’s life, significant memory(ies) with or related to her, situation(s) where her qualities or values were illustrated. Later, they thought about 3 to 5 sequences of a video that would showcase her and wrote a French script in different forms of speech (monologue, dialogue, letter…). Finally, they edited a 1.5 minute video and attached to it a selfie with the inspiring woman or what represented her.


By taking part in this video competition, by taking the time to think about the person who inspired them, and therefore on the values they valued, the students became aware of the pillars on which they could build themselves. By celebrating this person and their values, through an intergenerational link, they also thought about their future adult life and how they, in turn, could be exemplary.

One student from the class was selected by the jury, which selected the 25 best videos from all over France : she will have the privilege of walking up the steps of the Cannes festival and will be awarded the “Clap d’or Moteur!”.

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