During eight sessions, the students learnt to compose and perform a collective choreography about women, selectingmeans of composition and original and various body motions. Then, they created and performed  a meaningfulchoreography, with a beginning and and ending, where all the dancers pay attention to each other and concerned withtheir performance in front of an audience.

It took them an hour to create  an original production, taking minimum risk as far as difficulty was concerned.

Then, as spectators,  they had to identify the compositional style used, assess the quality of the performance and discussthe originality of the choreography.


The choreographies were composed  during periods of 90 minutes. The dancers used different effects: opposed speed, opposed energy,  group structures (geometrical forms,  cluster and splitting up,  different directions, mirror effect, question and answer effect,…), time and space relationship (starts moved forward or backward, heights differences, accordance, stunts, repetition,…)  and  original sudden or/and visual effects (porté, fall, noise, freeze frame…).

The dozen of groups with various skills produced very rich and diversed performances.

The ability to dance boosts their self-esteem and facilitates integration.

VIC Dance Sessions about women
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