From 14 to 20 November, our school, as partner of the Erasmus+ Programme KA2 (Juliet - Women Open to Modern European Nations), was the host of its French and Italian counterparts. Besides the 16 secondary school students from our School and the teachers who run the Project, this mobility counted with five students and two teachers from Cerignola (Italy) and eleven students and two teachers from DunKerque (France). 

As the theme of the project - Juliet - Women Open to Modern European Nations - suggests, the week was a busy one, with a large number of learning, teaching and training activities on the theme "The Rights of the Women - How the World Sees Her". Following what had already been done in the previous school year, we continued to challenge conventions and stereotypes, giving visibility to women in the construction of a more modern, fairer and egalitarian Europe. For this, actions developed either in workshops or in visits to different spaces and museums took place. Seeking the example of enterprising women who fought for their rights and projected themselves beyond their time, we visited, in Gaia, the Ferreira Cellars and the respective D.ª Antónia "A Ferreirinha" Museum. But the search for women who made a difference was not only for "Ferreirinha", who sailed in a world of men, but also the magic that took us to Lello Bookshop (which inspired the author of Harry Potter) or "Pioneer Women", related to art, in which they left their mark (Route of museums in Coimbra). 

In addition to these field trips, numerous workshops were developed by the students participating in the Project, under the supervision of the teachers involved. Examples of these are the "Stand up stand strong" action and the peddy paper held at the school premises under the title "Guess who?" which led the students to discover Portuguese women, that were/ are true examples of resilience for the female cause. 

If we add to these actions the vast social programme, made up of the meeting of cultures from the different participating countries, we can say that this was an experience that teachers, parents and students will never forget. We are sure that, from this meeting, we will all come out culturally richer and more supportive, overcoming the borders that still persist in our common home - Europe. 



PT22 Welcoming Italy and France in Portugal from 14th to 20th November (Agrupamento de Escolas de Pombal)
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