GIV Woman and a newborn baby

What help does the mother of the newborn baby get? Or is there any help?

The mother is usually that person who stays at home with a newborn baby. What kind of help does she get from the society, or does she get any help? Is there something for the fathers, too?  Pupils studied what kind of help there are in the Finnish society for the mother and also for the father, too.

Pupils made slides shows both in Swedish and in English.

GIV Woman and a newborn baby
GIV Woman and a newborn baby

In this slide show there is a fact about the free Finnish mother's packet

In this slide show there is about the Finnish Counseling agency for not only for the mothers, but also for the fathers.

Here is about paternity leave which also helps the mother.

Arvo Ylppö was a pioneer for Finnish advice on maternity and childcare issues.

Mannerheim was not only a famous war marechal and president in Finland. He corporated an organisation for to promote children’s, adolescents and adults welfare.

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